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DiGA „HelloBetter ratiopharm Chronical Pain“

Together with our partner Teva and its drug brand ratiopharm, which is known throughout Germany, we took on the challenge of developing DiGA focused on chronical pain of fibromyalgia patients. We accompanied the pharmaceutical manufacturer and his partner HelloBetter from the process of expert matching, through the phase of startup scouting to the official launch of the DiGA “HelloBetter ratiopharm Chronic Pain“.


Path to Success


The Voices


„Flying Health was an essential source of inspiration
and sparring partner for the development of
our DiGA strategy.“

Dr. Hanne Horvath, HelloBetter


„Where other consultancies stop, Flying Health
takes the reins. The team connected us with our
current partner HelloBetter and provided professional support
until the collaboration contract was signed
and our joint DiGA was launched.”

Christine Kreutzer, Teva ratiopharm


Flying Health Services

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